Friday, September 07, 2007

Sally Kohn Misdirects Her Outrage

Sally Kohn published a screed on Huffington Post today accusing Democrats of hypocrisy regarding the anti-gay backlash against Senator Larry Craig today. It's quite a reach. Here was my response:


Are you implying that because of the Larry Craig situation 'push has come to shove' for Democrats? Your argument doesn't hold water. You claim basically states that when the going gets tough, the tough get homophobic. That may be true in many cases, but not here.

Larry Craig should be denounced for his hypocrisy on gay issues. He should also be denounced for soliciting sex in a public restroom. 'Gay' needn't enter into that part of it for his actions to be condemmed as reprehensible.

But it does, though. There are many, including posters here, who excoriate Craig for his perceived homosexuality even though they claim to be progressive liberals. Does that mean we should extend that blame to all Democrats? All liberals? I think not. Sorry, those wires don't hook up that way. Your post is just an ad hominem attack writ large.

One last thought: You maintain "Craig is just one hypocritical senator from Idaho" and that "the Democratic party ... is responsible for half of the political playing field in our country." Uh, I don't THINK so. Bear in mind the inordinate influence of Fox News and the rest of Rupert Murdoch's empire, the inherent conservatism of network news, owned by big-business-friendly megacorporations, the ubiquitous, hate-filled reach of right-wing talk radio and the rampant stubbornness and certainty of the hyperventilating religious right and you have a national discourse DOMINATED by the intolerant right, shouting and relying on the very same base, vile emotions you claim to condemm.

And yet you blame progressives, liberals or Democrats for the intolerant undertow in this country. It just doesn't add up.