Monday, January 16, 2006

Unchecked Executive Power

This just plain has to stop.
  • The president is illegally wiretapping persons in this country, deliberately bypassing the FISA court in direct defiance of the law. There's really nothing more to this. The president is breaking the law, repeatedly, deliberately, willfully, unapologetically.
  • The president declares he has the power to imprison American citizens indefinitely, with no access to a lawyer, no due process, no right to challenge his accusers. All of this is also in direct contradiction with our Constitution.
  • The president is claiming 'we do not torture' while simultaneously lobbying for exemptions from anti-torture legislation. When he caves to political pressure and signs the bill anyway he also issues a signing statement saying he will follow the law only when and where he sees fit.
  • The president has also reserved the right to kidnap people and 'render' them to other countries for interrogation, countries with proven records of civil-rights violations. In the face of the almost certain torture of these suspects, our administration "seeks assurances," "where appropriate," that these individuals will not be tortured. Such utterly insufficient protections are laughable.
  • The Legislative branch has totally rolled over. There is no more consultation, or debate of the issues, between the Republicans in power and the Democrats. The legislature has become a rubber stamp, its time more consumed with fundraising than with debating these issues in open session.
  • The president has declared a 'war on terror' which is his justification for these excesses. By his own estimation this war could go on 'for the rest of our lives.' If that's not a recipe for eventual domination and dictatorship I don't know what is.

Gore said it very well. "We the People" must step up. We must demand accountability, we must elect representatives with idealism, backbone and intelligence to reassert the balance of power between the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

Get involved!

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