Friday, November 03, 2006

What's YOUR Plan, Mr. President?

So now George Bush is asking Democrats "What's your plan for Iraq, then?"

My response would be what the hell's YOUR plan, Mr. President?

However, there is some validity to Bush's question. It's hard for a party full of free thinkers to come up with a single coherent plan that will deal with the train wreck that is Iraq.

So here's the analogy/parable/joke. George Bush is driving his SUV down the highway, with John Kerry riding shotgun. Bush drives too fast, weaves in and out of traffic, causing other cars to careen off the road and crash. He's chased by a police cruiser, sirens blazing, which causes him to speed up even more. Finally, just as he's nearly out of gas, Bush slams on the brakes, causing the police car to total itself on his rear bumper. This collision forces Bush off the road, into a ditch, where his SUV crashes. Bush and Kerry frantically escape the vehicle, at which point it explodes, bursting into flame.

"You idiot," yells Kerry. "What the heck did you do THAT for?"

"Okay smarty-pants," says Bush. "What's YOUR plan for getting there, then? Heh heh."

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