Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm Liking John Edwards.

Caught this quote today in a story about John Edwards:
"We need to reform our tax code," Edwards said. "Our current system favors the unearned income of people already doing incredibly well instead of rewarding the work of families trying to get ahead. It has all kinds of loopholes and shelters that lawyers can twist for their wealthy clients. It forces millions of families to hire help to figure out how much they owe."
I like the sound of this a LOT. It says it all.

Then the Republicans come back with '$400 haircuts. John Edwards is rich. Neener neener neener.' How asinine.

Here is the full text of Edwards' remarks.

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le squeptique said...

He zero's in on his health plan, too. I'll admit, I find his voice a bit annoying, but his discourse is often the most succinct of the pack. He just might have the right system of codes to win over the simple Republican hearts and minds; as he does evidently with Southern jurors.