Friday, May 13, 2005

Military Shell Game

So now the Army is offering 15-month enlistments, according to USA Today.

Quoting from the ariticle:
"Recruits in the new 15-month program could serve in 59 of the more than 150 jobs in the Army, including the combat infantry, and then serve two years in the Reserve or National Guard.

They would finish their eight-year military obligation (emphasis mine) in the Guard or Reserve, volunteer programs such as AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps, or the Individual Ready Reserve, a pool of former active-duty troops who can still be called to duty but aren't affiliated with any military unit."

The kicker is, after 15 months active duty, where do you go? You guessed it, the National Guard. In case you weren't paying attention, being in the National Guard in no way prevents you from getting sent to Iraq for a year at a time, or more.

After that you fulfill the remainder of eight years of obligatory service, during which time you still could be called up! How much do you want to bet recruiters won't be emphasizing that part of this deal a whole lot.

Just another example of trickery from the government.


Alex said...

Can you sense the coming draft?

Anonymous said...

This blog is a load of rubbish. The product of some demented ego.

bimplebean said...

It's easy to sling mud, Anonymous. Try making a simple statement and back it up with facts. It's very refreshing, you should try it some time!