Friday, May 13, 2005

Secret British Memo Still Secret Here in the US

Once again the corporate media forgets to do it's job. At least, that's the charitable way to put it.

More than two weeks ago the British Sunday Times published an article describing a secret British intelligence memo that suggested the Bush administration was fixated on war with Iraq and was fixing the 'data' and 'facts' to support the course of action they had already decided upon, i.e. to invade Iraq. Additionally, 89 members of Congress have sent a letter to President Bush demanding an explanation.

Disgustingly, all our major corporate media outlets have been silent on this issue. See for yourself. Seach Google for "british memo bush iraq" by clicking here. (There, don't say I didn't make it easy for you.) As of Friday, May 13th (hah!) I only found an entry from CNN. Nothing from CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox (no surprise there)... nothing.

There are an overwhelming number of entries from local and regional newspapers, many of note. Democracy lives!

Hey, if this is for real, wouldn't it be, uh, oh, I dunno, 'newsworthy?'

Let's pick on ABC for a bit. Go to www. and search on "bush british intelligence memo Iraq" -- or do it in one step by clicking here. Note that ABC News' top two entries are from some political program/blog called 'The Note' and neither make any mention at all of the story. (On a side note, why is the April 9th issue of 'The Note' billed as "Everywhere You Want To Be?" Is this an ad for VISA or something? Geez...)

Only after you get past the two lame ABC News listings and get to the 'outside world' do you see the same list of regional newspapers and left-leaning web sites. In fact the same pattern emerges on Google. There are an overwhelming number of entries from local and regional newspapers, many of note, including the Christian Science Monitor, but NOTHING from major Corporate Media.

The Corporate Media is either utterly falling down or utterly muzzled by it's owners, who don't want to make waves for their buddy 'Dubya.'

An ironic side note: In my early days of broadcasting I worked in the Midwest, where radio station call letters all begin with 'W'. If you wanted to brand yourself as new, stupid, uninformed and an idiot, all you had to do is mispronounce 'w.' If you didn't say 'double-you' clearly, you got whacked upside the head by your station manager. I didn't dare say "Dubya Bee Kay Ex" when working at WBKX. Now we have a President whose nickname is the call sign for stupid.

You can read the British Intelligence memo here. Judge for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate how complicit the corporate media is, even when it involved high crimes. It's sickening. I am glad we can get the real story through alternative sources, mostly foreign press.