Thursday, June 16, 2005

Dear Senator Feinstein

Dear Senator Feinstein:

I've been trying to call your office but the line is busy.

I urge you to oppose any closure of debate on the nomination of John Bolton until the Senate receives the information requested from the White House. It is the job of the Senate to advise the president and provide consent. Such advice and consent *must* be informed. For the White House to say you have 'all the information you need' is insulting.

Further more there is a suggestion that the documents being withheld may contain the names of US companies that have done business with other countries that are under import/export restriction. When something is classified I always ask -- who is being protected, and from what? In this case it could be that some US companies are being protected from the repercussions of their own illegal actions should this information be made public.

Aside from the the utter unsuitability of Bolton for this post, I urge you to hold out for the documents before resuming debate. The American people deserve no less.

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bimplebean said...

Follow Up: I heard the lady on the news this morning rigorously demanding the release of the documents. I know now that I needn't have worried about getting through to her phone!

You go, girl.