Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Michelle Malkin: WRONG about Liberals

Regarding Michelle Malkin's article about Haditha. I wrote her, and here's what I said...

You make a number of statements that just can't be backed up.

"...there is this incontrovertible fact: There are countless numbers of anti-war zealots on the American Left rooting for failure."

How can you use the word 'fact' and 'countless' in the same sentence? Any poll numbers, hmm? Any one done a phone poll asking specifically "are you hoping America fails in Iraq?" I'd bet you a year's salary that the percentage of yes votes would be in the single digits. If you're going to accuse liberals of 'rooting for failure' you should do better than that, otherwise you're just throwing hate bombs.

"They believe the worst about the troops."

Again, bullshit. I served for six years in the Navy myself. I have utter respect for the hard work and sacrifices these men and women make. But when thrown into an unjust war, undersupplied, undermanned, disorganized and under constant terrorist attack, many are going to snap. I don't believe the worst about the troops, but I believe the worst about those who caused this war and who have utterly mismanaged it. It is at their feet that the massacre of Haditha will lay.

John Murtha served for years. He knows what it's like. Do you honestly think HE feels this way? He wants the truth. He doesn't like what he's seen so far. His experience leads him toward (but not to) certain conclusions. Are you just going to blow him off because you don't like what he says?

"They've blindly embraced frauds who've lied about their military service and lied about wartime atrocities. They've allied themselves with socialist kooks and coddled murderous dictators."

This sounds more like Bush, his father and Reagan, actually.
  • Bush Jr. still seems unable to cough up the truth about his missing 11 months of National Guard service, nor is there any good explanation of how he managed to leapfrog past the hundreds of others waiting and hoping for such service to avoid Vietnam.

  • Reagan and Bush Sr., along with Rumsfeld, are largely responsible for Saddam Hussein's ascendancy in the first place, and lovingly turned a blind eye when he gassed his own people.

  • Don't get me started on how many murderous dictators our government has allied itself with in the years since 1945. And yet you carp about liberals doing this? Wake up.

"They are looking for any excuse to pull out, abandon military operations and reconstruction..."

I don't think liberals want to abandon Iraq. We broke it, so we own it. But the sad fact is that things are getting horribly worse there, not better, and that mismagement, corruption and ineptitude are undermining our efforts to build a democracy. The continuing insurgence is taking a horrible toll on the morale and psyche of our troops, not to mention government contractors. Reconstruction is impossible under such circumstances. We need someone to do better.

"...and impeach the president."

We don't need an 'excuse' to impeach the president. Bush invaded Iraq for reasons that turned out not to be even remotely true. He shortchanged the efforts in Afghanistan to do so. He still hasn't caught Bin Laden. No WMDs were found. The actions of Bush and his administration, which were at worst lies and at best incompetent bumbling, have led to the loss of thousands of American lives, tens (or hundreds) of thousands of Iraqi lives and have cost us BILLIONS of dollars. The eventual cost could end up near a TRILLION.

"They insist on giving suspected foreign terrorists more benefit of the doubt than our own men and women in uniform."

Not true. But they do insist on holding them to the highest standard of military conduct, regardless of the circumstances. Are you saying you don't?

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