Saturday, June 03, 2006

We're Serial Meddlers.

I keep returning to the thought that we meddle too much in the affairs of other nations, usually with consequences that are disastrous in the end. Since WWII we've been undermining or overthrowing governments, installing puppet regimes, engaging in proxy wars and propping up dictators for financial reasons.

When has this EVER worked out to our long term gain? Oh sure, we got some short-term benefits, but the arrangements we set up always end up collapsing in the end. Chile, Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, El Salvador, Colombia, Panama, Grenada.... the list goes on and on.

The best thing we can do for international peace and security is to stop meddling. Stop robbing, burglarizing, invading, undermining, etc. etc. If someone in your neighborhood kept attacking you at night, trying to replace your head of household, hacking into your bank to steal your money, threatening you with weapons, putting sugar in your gas tank, etc. etc. wouldn't you DO something about it? That's the position the US has put itself in since 1945.

This attitude that we're better than anyone else is utterly inconsistent with this worldview that we're justified in doing whatever we deem necessary to protect ourselves, unilaterally promote our own interests and undermine our competitors.

Eisenhower was right.

We should be ashamed of this government.

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